Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Current Skincare Routine

Hello guys!

Today, I will be sharing my current skincare routine with you. Skincare is very personal, so what works for me might not work for you and vice versa. I have combination to oily skin and I have been testing different products on my face to see which ones would work well with my skin type. Most of the time, they end up hurting my face a.k.a they break me out.

When I was a teenager, mostly in high school, I was exclusively using Pond's. I was just using a regular facial wash or sometimes a facial scrub. In college, I began to experiment with different brands and type and function. Around 3 years ago, I mainly use just Celeteque products. I've recently changed up the products I'm using and I'll go over them one by one.

These are all the products I use for my skincare.
Before I go over the products one by one, I'll just list off the steps of my daily skin care routine (day & night):


- Wash my face
- Use an alcohol-free toner
- Put on moisturizer
- Apply lip balm

*Night time*

- Wipe makeup off with makeup wipes
- Clean face with a skin cleanser
- Wash face with facial scrub
- Use an alcohol-free toner
- Massage under eyes with brightening roll on
- Put on moisturizer
- Apply lip balm

Now on to the products!

Make-up Remover:

I used to have a Celeteque cleansing oil but I haven't repurchased since my 2nd bottle. So I bought a cleanser that takes off my make up really well, even when they're waterproof. What I actually do is I use the makeup remover wipes first, just to get rid of the makeup that's on the surface of my skin and follow through with the cleanser for thorough cleaning/cleansing. I actually love this combination and it has helped so much in clearing my skin.

Facial Wash/ Scrub:

I am not really acne prone but I hate having breakouts. I have loved using Celeteque facial scrub for a long time before alternating it with a Defensil anti-pimple soap. They do minimize the breakouts however I find that they do not necessarily prevent the breakouts from happening. I stumbled upon the St. Ives Green Tea scrub at the supermarket once and decided to try it. After using it for a few days, I saw a big difference and I was so impressed. Whenever there's a pimple about to appear or show on my face, it doesn't really develop.. if that makes sense. It has also helped my blemishes since most of the time my blemishes tend to take long in getting lighter or from disappearing from my face. This is actually perfect for acne-prone skin, but it could also work for combination to oily skin.


The first toner I've ever tried is the Celeteque Toner and has worked for me immensely. I got the Nivea Mattifying Toner a week ago. As I've previously mentioned, my skin type is combination to oily so I wanted to try basically anything that's going to make my face matte or less shiny. So when I found this Nivea Mattifying Toner in the department store, I did not hesitate to buy it. It's actually worth it because on first swipe, you could actually see that it strips dirt off the surface of the skin and it leaves the skin so soft. Plus points for this toner because it smells so good; it actually smells like the regular Nivea cream, and I like it. In addition, my face is less shiny even when I put on my moisturizer and I love that. So if you have combination to oily skin like me and want to try products that'll minimize the shine, go give this Nivea Mattifying toner a try.

Eye Cream/ Undereye Product:

I used to have this eye cream that I got from the department store and it was okay, it worked just fine. I stopped using it for a few months since I got super lazy. However, I really wanted to get something that's going to do wonders on my undereye area since I have bad undereye circles ever since elementary school. I remember my grandmother would tell me, whenever she comes home from the States, to put concealer under my eyes because they're too puffy and dark. I didn't listen because I was young (pree-teen) and didn't really care about proper skincare or makeup for that matter. A couple of months ago, during one grocery trip with my mom, I got the Garnier brightening eye roll on. I haven't actually read or heard any reviews about it, it was just I wanted to test it out. I have tried it once or twice in college but never really bothered with it. I have been using it for 2 months, and it has somehow "lightened" my undereye area and I look more awake now even without concealer. I am still on the hunt though for a good eye cream.


For moisturizer, I have used a few products before my current one which is the St. Ive's Collagen Elastin Moisturizer. I have tried Olay, Celeteque Water-based moisturizer, Celeteque Sun Care Matte Moisturizer, and a bunch of Korean made products before actually settling for my current one. I am still on the hunt for a moisturizer that's perfect for my skin type but until then, I'll be using the St. Ive's Collagen Elastin moisturizer. What I like about it is that it doesn't leave my skin greasy and it doesn't have a harsh smell. It also kind of hydrates my skin and bring back the moisture that's been stripped off after all the intense cleansing. Even though I do get oily, putting on moisturizer is still a must for me because it helps my skin feel soft and look young. Also, I feel incomplete if I do not use a moisturizer at all. A little hydration/moisture is a must!

Lip Balm/conditioner/moisturizer:

For my lips, I have been using the Kaloderma Olive lip balm for quite some time. However, I recently broke the product so a lot if it went to waste. *insert tears* Since then, I have been using the Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue. It is very minty and strong but it does hydrate the lips and I have been enjoying it so far.


There are also times when I feel so fancy and I throw in a couple more products just to rejuvenate or deeply cleanse and moisturize my skin. The first product would be the iWhite Nose Pack. I use this once a week or once every two weeks after washing my face, depending on how lazy I am or not. Hehe! I have been using this nose pack for quite a while now and I love it. It does remove the blackheads and leaves the nose soft and smooth. This does sting a bit but it's worth it.

The second product that I occasionally use is a face mask. Most of my face masks are from The Face Shop, and I also have a couple of wash off face mask that I got from the supermarket that are made in Korea. I use this after washing/ cleansing my face. I do not really have a favorite as I do not use face masks that often. I also do not have a "standard" for it- I just want something that's going to hydrate or moisturize my skin.

This is what I actually have at home. Photo Source

Over all, there are a few things you need to consider for your skincare:

1. Know your skintype- Do not just use a product because someone famous is endorsing and recommending it. Always remember that skincare is personal, so what works for other people may or may not work for you. You also have to remember that you need to find products that will work well with your skin and not ruin it. If you're not sure what your skintype is, try booking an appointment with a dermatologist. After all, seeking professional help for a specific problem/ concern is the best option.

2. Set a budget- Skincare is a daily undertaking and some effective skincare products are expensive. So set a budget that works best for you. There are a lot of affordable products out there that might be the solution for your skin-related woes. So keep searching. It's not all about the brand.

3. Do not be lazy- I, for one, can be lazy most of the time. However, I do set aside time for my skincare. So should you. You'll thank your younger self when you're old. Getting wrinkles et al is inevitable, yet you can delay the process if you start caring for your skin ASAP. Be the embodiment of "ageing gracefully".

That is all for my skin care, I hope you found it helpful. Please leave me a comment on your favorite skincare product, or let me know if you have tried the products I mentioned. Until then!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Street Style Darling: Kylie Jenner

If you have been following me on Pinterest, you might have seen my board titled "I ♡ KYLIE". I may be late on this bandwagon, as she seems to already have a lot of followers (on her style) based on Pinterest boards dedicated to her. I'm not going to lie, Keeping Up With The Kardashians is my ultimate guilty pleasure. Khloe and Kylie are my favorite "characters" in the show. Lately however, I have always been fascinated by Kylie. Her street style this 2014 has gotten me into liking her even more.

Kylie's street style is edgy and grungy and at times mixed with a bit of class/ sophistication. I also like the fact that she "re-uses" most of her clothes and pair them with different accessories and shoes. To me, her style is very organic- very personal and authentic. Of course in their show, they have their stylists but Id like to think that she has great vision and comes up with her own style. Here are some photos of Kylie's outfits that I seriously have been crushing on:

This is the first OOTD of Kylie that I fell in love with.

This is my most favorite "Kylie OOTD". It is so chic. 
One of Kylie's street style that I adore.


Black and White. Always a perfect combination. 


She looks so good even in the simplest outfits.

Kylie's style formula is simple. She sticks to the basics. Plain tops/ crop tops/ "concert or band" shirt paired with either shorts or skirt (and sometimes pants/jeans)  plus boots for a dressed down look or a nice stylish heeled shoe for an added flair. She keeps her jewelry minimal and her accessories (bag, belt, sunglasses, hat) are most of the time classic in style.

It's a good idea or philosophy to stick to the basics but basic doesn't have to mean boring or dull. We need to inject a few pieces into our outfit that can absolutely change our "look", just like Kylie does. Wear a bold or contrasting colored-bag to an otherwise monotone outfit, pair a classy dress with black boots. Rules in fashion, as in everything, can be broken and there will always be exemptions. Just go with your gut-feel and if you're happy with it, nothing else matters.


Note: Photos aren't mine. Nicked them off my pinterest, where there's a source. :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Best of Summer

Okay, Summer is over in most countries, even in mine where it's either dry/sunny season (our version of summer) or wet/rainy season. I cannot seem to let go of summer yet since I feel like I haven't really enjoyed a beach trip, or went on a road trip, etc. I'm kind of sad that I didn't really get to do that because every summer, my family usually has planned beach trips and all other sorts of get-togethers.

However, thinking of that would only make me sad. Instead, I am focusing on the positive things/ events that happened during my 2014 summer, I may not have had the best summer but I enjoyed spending it with the ones I love.

So for the purpose of this blog, since this is a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog, I have come up with a list of the things/products that I have come to love during the summer.


This item is a staple in my summer wardrobe. In short (pun intended), this has been abused and overused. I didn't care if I wore it every week or twice a week. That was how much I loved wearing this shorts. I also like the color because I think teal, blue-green colors are perfect for summer. It's easy to associate such color to the color of the ocean. This is not a fancy kind of shorts. I'm a minimalist at most times and I like my clothes simple: the cut, the stitch, etc. I bought this at Surplus Shop and didn't cost me much.


L-R: BALENO scooped neck shirt (WOMEN's). FILA shirt, BALENO V-neck shrt, BENCH V-neck shirt (MEN's)

This is the number 1 item I have overused this summer. Cotton shirts, plain cotton shirts in particular, are a must-have for me this summer. I don't know why I bought a few plain cotton shirts, but I guess it's easier to pair and/or accessorize with. Also, you can play it up by wearing fancy or romantic skirts or even edgy skirts. You can even wear pants if you want to be casual but still look sharp, just wear some really nice shoes. Or you can play it cool/ too casual by pairing it with shorts plus sneakers combo. These are all basic shirts and Summer or not, they're a must-have. I buy most of my plain shirts from the men's section since they're more comfy and aren't figure-hugging.


Let me start by saying the obvious: NORMCORE! LOL This is actually an accidental purchase. I was hanging out with my cousin when my sandals got broken. So I had to scour the department store for a replacement footwear. I didn't want to buy something that I would barely use so I got something that I'd get more use of. This is NOT Birkenstocks as those are pretty expensive! I got this for like a seventh of a normal Birkenstock price. Aside from this, I have been using my purple Ipanema Grendha sandals, which was a gift from my cousin-in-law. Slippers or sandals are perfect for summer since most of the time you might be on the beach or at a pool party so they're definitely made for those occasions, for that chill and relaxed vibe. 


I am a big fan of BB Cream! I use it everyday. Although I'm always game for trying out new beauty products, I cannot wear foundation on a daily basis. I find them too heavy to wear and too obvious. I feel like my face cannot breathe underneath foundations, even the light coverage ones. This is the reason why I love BB Creams. They're lightweight, they're not cake-y, and even though they provide minimal coverage, it doesn't matter since they look natural. It's summer, the best look is to go "natural". Some people layer this product underneath their foundation as a primer but I wear it on its own. My favorite BB Cream is the Maybelline 8-in-1 Skin Transforming BB Cream. I have been using this brand ever since it came out and I still love it to this day. 


Most, if not all, blushes in my collection are pinks. I only have one that is sort of red-orange but I have never tried peach-toned blushes yet. Maybe I've had in the past but I do not typically go for peach.This is my first legit peach blush and it was given to me by my mom. It comes with its own highlight shade which I rarely use. This blush goes on well with my olive skintone and I have been using this almost everyday, even until to this day. My mom got this for me at Saizen by Daiso Japan, this costs about 88 Philippine Peso, so it's roughly USD 2.


Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Unapologetic

My favorite lip color is Red, no matter the texture (Satin, Matte, Cream,etc) is. I have close to 10 red lipsticks in my collection now and I know it's about to get bigger since I'm already eyeing a few red lip stains and lipsticks to purchase. Anyway, summer is about having fun and one way to get that message through is by wearing a bright lip! There are a lot of choices in terms of color: red, orange, pink, plum, etc! Sometimes I go for really bright colors such as fuschia pink, but most of the time I'm wearing red lipstick or old rose. This summer I get to experiment with bright lipstick once again via Revlon's Matte Balm in Unapologetic. Apart from the obvious reason of it being bright and still be wearable, I like that it's hydrating since it is a balm. There's a soothing effect on the lips as well. It is matte, so you might want to moisturize your lips first before applying this. Other than that, you will enjoy having this in your collection. I honestly did not know if I was going to be happy with it the first time I got it but I've come to love it, that I bought another one...in a different color! ;)

So these are the products I consider to be the best of my summer. Let me know the products you loved this Summer 2014 in the comments section! 


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

First Impression: Glamworks' Charcoal Nose Pore Strips

Hi there! It has been a while since I last posted anything. I've been busy with work and now that's out of the way, I'll be blogging here probably once or twice a week. :)

Lately I have been testing out a bunch of beauty products to see which would work well for my skin. These products range from skincare, hair care and make-up. I want to write reviews like this so people who have the same skintype as I do can have options, whether it's an affordable one or high end. I am the type who'd try anything so I thought why not.

For my first ever "First Impression" series, I will be talking about Glamworks' Nose Pore Strips in Charcoal. I found this in the department store by chance. Since my go-to brand was unavailable, I grabbed this since I felt like I badly need to do some "blackhead cleansing", so to speak.

Glamworks' Charcoal Nose Pore Strips

 The product promises to 1) instantly remove blackheads, 2) draw out impurities, 3) absorb oil and dirt, and 4) unclog deep pores. Each pack consists of 12 strips and retails for P119.00.

This is what each packet looks like.
BATMAN! This is what the strip looks like.
This is the other side of the strip, a little cotton-y. 
How to:

Slightly wet the nose. Take the strip out of the clear film and place the black, silky side on your nose. Wait for 10-15 minutes then pull the strip. Clean the nose with water.

While waiting... :)


- Easy to use.
- Affordable
- Removes blackheads
- Removes dirt and oil
- Does not sting

- Does not really unclog deep pores
- Does not remove a ton of blackheads

Just to clarify, this is just my first impression. This means that these are my initial "findings" the first time I used the product. Also, if you're wondering, my skin type is normal to oily/combination. I have only used this once and I can say that I kind of like it. I still have yet to see the full extent of what it can do as to clearing out my blackheads. Maybe after trying over 5 strips then I might have my final verdict on this product.


Props to being affordable and actually being able to deliver what it promises. 

Hope you found this helpful. Until the next First Impression!


Friday, April 11, 2014

Cool Summer Eyes

Hello there everyone!

It has been very humid and unfortunately very warm here in my country and it has not helped me in achieving anything on a daily basis. I usually just lay around until the night time and eat then sleep. It has been a very unpleasant summer for me since I have not yet started with my "summer escapade", so to speak. I am really longing for the beach. I love love love going to the beach despite the rising temperatures. I always associate summer with the beach, hot weather and ice-cold beverages. Now that I am far from having my typical summer, it's making me feel a little sad and extremely lazy! Haha!

To kick off my summer blues (ahem, pun intended), I thought of playing with my make-up! I was sitting in my "chill room", as my husband calls it, one day and decided I'm playing with make-up and filming it! If you have known me long enough, I have a youtube channel that very few people know. I'm not a professional make-up artist; make-up is just my hobby. I do get compliments and I do freelance work but it's a little bit different and awkward when you're in front of a camera. Alone. Anyway, back to kicking my summer blues, I decided to play on the colors of the ocean since that's what I miss in my life the most. Hues of light greens and blue adorned my eyes and I put a little bit of gold on the center of my lids to represent the sun. It was a fun look to create but of course, not very "wearable" as the colors are really bold.

Here's a video of my playtime. Please do subscribe here and on my youtube channel!

Thank you everyone, hope you like it! <3

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Saizen Mini-Haul (Cosmetics) and Review.

Hi there, Readers! :)

It has been a while since I last updated this blog. Now I have a lot of time in my hands so here I am now. *wink* Last Sunday, my husband and I had a sidetrip to Saizen before going to Church. If you live in the Philippines (I'm not aware if other countries have Saizen), you're already aware what Saizen looks like or what it feels to walk into the store.

Photo grabbed from: http://www.itsberyllicious.com/2012/04/saizen-daiso-philippines-shopping-spree.html

Saizen by Daiso Japan is a very affordable one-stop shop. It's like your grocery (they have packed food, etc), home store (for kitchenwares), department store (clothes, pens, paper, etc), beauty store in one. I'm not sure about the prices but here in Iloilo it's 88 php for everything. Some branches are at 85php for everything. The items also vary per branch. I haveonly  been to 2 branches (Trinoma and Robinson's Place Iloilo). In Trinoma, they have a lot of products for the beauty junkies out there: rows of nail polish, Powder, mascara, eyeliner eyeshadows, blush, lipsticks, etc! Ever since I walked into the Trinoma branch, it has been my happy place that's why I am delighted that they decided to open here in Iloilo.

(Having a lack of focus sometimes can be bad so I'm sorry I have no photos of my shopping spree or the Saizen branch here in Iloilo ;P)

A beauty junkie's heaven. Photo grabbed from: http://www.ensogo.com.ph/products/saizen-170gc-03082012.html

Now on to my mini-haul! :)

I only got 6 beauty products since I was holding back a little bit because we went there to get some stuff for our house and not for my beauty loot! *Hehe* I got 2 eyeshadow palettes, 2 blush duos, a black mascara and a brow pencil. 

Aaahhh! Happiness! ;)


Before the swatches can I just say, the retractable brow pencil is amazing! I love it. I've tried it already and it glides on smoothly and it has a spooly too so plus points from me.

Now, on to the swatches:

 First on the list is this Glitter Eyeshadow Palette. I'm not a really big fan of glitter but I do like the colors. When I swatched the leftmost color, it seemed a bit "chalky" or powdery to me but I'm very forgiving so I didn't count it much of a con to this palette. The colors on this palette are gorgeous; pigmentation is okay too.
Glitter Eyeshadow

The palette comes with a small mirror and an applicator.

Swatches are from leftmost of the palette to the rightmost. 

Another eye palette is next. Its shimmery but not too much. I also like the color combination on this palette. It's very fresh, very young. Consistency is very good- not chalky and no perfumed smell which I really like. Pigmentation is good. For its price, it's truly worth having in your vanity kit. Must-buy/ must-have.

Beautiful Quad

Comes with a double-ended applicator.

Swatches follow the collor placement on the palette.

Next are two duo blushes. I also have another two duo blushes from Saizen but they're a bit different- in packaging and color selection. I also noticed with their duo blushes, they have both a shimmery blush and a semi-matte blush. Pigmentation and color combination are good. Something worth a try!

Princess Duo Color Cheek

This is in the shade Peach.
Peach still has a tinge of pink. 
To your right is the shade Strawberry.

Strawberry is a very light pink shade with a little shimmer.

Next on the list is one of my favorites as well. It's the retractable Eyebrow Pencil in Brown. Most of my eyebrow pencils are in blonde or brunette because they are not too harsh when I use them. This eyebrow pencil is a light brown shade and is super easy to use! It is not that creamy yet it glides on smootly. Very manageable, if you ask me. So worth buying/having. 

It comes with its own spooly.

Has a thinner end for manageable strokes.

This eyebrow pencil has good pigmentation as well.

Last product I got is a Volumizing Mascara in Black. I still have my Freshian Volumizing mascara from The Face Shop as well as the Magnum Volum' Express mascara from Maybelline and the question would be why I bought another mascara of the same color (black) and purpose (volume). Well the answer is this, I am too scared to try other colored mascaras (yes, even browns) and I love big bold lashes. Also, I am just starting to learn how to put on flase eyelashes which I was terrified of using! *Haha!* Out of all the products, this is the only one I have not tried on today but I will surely give my review on it soon enough. 

Princess Volume Mascara

 So that is all for my mini-haul and review. I've talked about this on my youtube channel (larrainebee). I will be uploading the video soon so if you wanna know the other items I got from Saizen, go check my channel and subscribe if you want to see more make-up related videos! :) 

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