Best of Summer

Okay, Summer is over in most countries, even in mine where it's either dry/sunny season (our version of summer) or wet/rainy season. I cannot seem to let go of summer yet since I feel like I haven't really enjoyed a beach trip, or went on a road trip, etc. I'm kind of sad that I didn't really get to do that because every summer, my family usually has planned beach trips and all other sorts of get-togethers.

However, thinking of that would only make me sad. Instead, I am focusing on the positive things/ events that happened during my 2014 summer, I may not have had the best summer but I enjoyed spending it with the ones I love.

So for the purpose of this blog, since this is a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog, I have come up with a list of the things/products that I have come to love during the summer.


This item is a staple in my summer wardrobe. In short (pun intended), this has been abused and overused. I didn't care if I wore it every week or twice a week. That was how much I loved wearing this shorts. I also like the color because I think teal, blue-green colors are perfect for summer. It's easy to associate such color to the color of the ocean. This is not a fancy kind of shorts. I'm a minimalist at most times and I like my clothes simple: the cut, the stitch, etc. I bought this at Surplus Shop and didn't cost me much.


L-R: BALENO scooped neck shirt (WOMEN's). FILA shirt, BALENO V-neck shrt, BENCH V-neck shirt (MEN's)

This is the number 1 item I have overused this summer. Cotton shirts, plain cotton shirts in particular, are a must-have for me this summer. I don't know why I bought a few plain cotton shirts, but I guess it's easier to pair and/or accessorize with. Also, you can play it up by wearing fancy or romantic skirts or even edgy skirts. You can even wear pants if you want to be casual but still look sharp, just wear some really nice shoes. Or you can play it cool/ too casual by pairing it with shorts plus sneakers combo. These are all basic shirts and Summer or not, they're a must-have. I buy most of my plain shirts from the men's section since they're more comfy and aren't figure-hugging.


Let me start by saying the obvious: NORMCORE! LOL This is actually an accidental purchase. I was hanging out with my cousin when my sandals got broken. So I had to scour the department store for a replacement footwear. I didn't want to buy something that I would barely use so I got something that I'd get more use of. This is NOT Birkenstocks as those are pretty expensive! I got this for like a seventh of a normal Birkenstock price. Aside from this, I have been using my purple Ipanema Grendha sandals, which was a gift from my cousin-in-law. Slippers or sandals are perfect for summer since most of the time you might be on the beach or at a pool party so they're definitely made for those occasions, for that chill and relaxed vibe. 


I am a big fan of BB Cream! I use it everyday. Although I'm always game for trying out new beauty products, I cannot wear foundation on a daily basis. I find them too heavy to wear and too obvious. I feel like my face cannot breathe underneath foundations, even the light coverage ones. This is the reason why I love BB Creams. They're lightweight, they're not cake-y, and even though they provide minimal coverage, it doesn't matter since they look natural. It's summer, the best look is to go "natural". Some people layer this product underneath their foundation as a primer but I wear it on its own. My favorite BB Cream is the Maybelline 8-in-1 Skin Transforming BB Cream. I have been using this brand ever since it came out and I still love it to this day. 


Most, if not all, blushes in my collection are pinks. I only have one that is sort of red-orange but I have never tried peach-toned blushes yet. Maybe I've had in the past but I do not typically go for peach.This is my first legit peach blush and it was given to me by my mom. It comes with its own highlight shade which I rarely use. This blush goes on well with my olive skintone and I have been using this almost everyday, even until to this day. My mom got this for me at Saizen by Daiso Japan, this costs about 88 Philippine Peso, so it's roughly USD 2.


Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Unapologetic

My favorite lip color is Red, no matter the texture (Satin, Matte, Cream,etc) is. I have close to 10 red lipsticks in my collection now and I know it's about to get bigger since I'm already eyeing a few red lip stains and lipsticks to purchase. Anyway, summer is about having fun and one way to get that message through is by wearing a bright lip! There are a lot of choices in terms of color: red, orange, pink, plum, etc! Sometimes I go for really bright colors such as fuschia pink, but most of the time I'm wearing red lipstick or old rose. This summer I get to experiment with bright lipstick once again via Revlon's Matte Balm in Unapologetic. Apart from the obvious reason of it being bright and still be wearable, I like that it's hydrating since it is a balm. There's a soothing effect on the lips as well. It is matte, so you might want to moisturize your lips first before applying this. Other than that, you will enjoy having this in your collection. I honestly did not know if I was going to be happy with it the first time I got it but I've come to love it, that I bought another a different color! ;)

So these are the products I consider to be the best of my summer. Let me know the products you loved this Summer 2014 in the comments section! 



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