Cool Summer Eyes

Hello there everyone!

It has been very humid and unfortunately very warm here in my country and it has not helped me in achieving anything on a daily basis. I usually just lay around until the night time and eat then sleep. It has been a very unpleasant summer for me since I have not yet started with my "summer escapade", so to speak. I am really longing for the beach. I love love love going to the beach despite the rising temperatures. I always associate summer with the beach, hot weather and ice-cold beverages. Now that I am far from having my typical summer, it's making me feel a little sad and extremely lazy! Haha!

To kick off my summer blues (ahem, pun intended), I thought of playing with my make-up! I was sitting in my "chill room", as my husband calls it, one day and decided I'm playing with make-up and filming it! If you have known me long enough, I have a youtube channel that very few people know. I'm not a professional make-up artist; make-up is just my hobby. I do get compliments and I do freelance work but it's a little bit different and awkward when you're in front of a camera. Alone. Anyway, back to kicking my summer blues, I decided to play on the colors of the ocean since that's what I miss in my life the most. Hues of light greens and blue adorned my eyes and I put a little bit of gold on the center of my lids to represent the sun. It was a fun look to create but of course, not very "wearable" as the colors are really bold.

Here's a video of my playtime. Please do subscribe here and on my youtube channel!

Thank you everyone, hope you like it! <3


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