Street Style Darling: Kylie Jenner

If you have been following me on Pinterest, you might have seen my board titled "I ♡ KYLIE". I may be late on this bandwagon, as she seems to already have a lot of followers (on her style) based on Pinterest boards dedicated to her. I'm not going to lie, Keeping Up With The Kardashians is my ultimate guilty pleasure. Khloe and Kylie are my favorite "characters" in the show. Lately however, I have always been fascinated by Kylie. Her street style this 2014 has gotten me into liking her even more.

Kylie's street style is edgy and grungy and at times mixed with a bit of class/ sophistication. I also like the fact that she "re-uses" most of her clothes and pair them with different accessories and shoes. To me, her style is very organic- very personal and authentic. Of course in their show, they have their stylists but Id like to think that she has great vision and comes up with her own style. Here are some photos of Kylie's outfits that I seriously have been crushing on:

This is the first OOTD of Kylie that I fell in love with.

This is my most favorite "Kylie OOTD". It is so chic. 
One of Kylie's street style that I adore.


Black and White. Always a perfect combination. 


She looks so good even in the simplest outfits.

Kylie's style formula is simple. She sticks to the basics. Plain tops/ crop tops/ "concert or band" shirt paired with either shorts or skirt (and sometimes pants/jeans)  plus boots for a dressed down look or a nice stylish heeled shoe for an added flair. She keeps her jewelry minimal and her accessories (bag, belt, sunglasses, hat) are most of the time classic in style.

It's a good idea or philosophy to stick to the basics but basic doesn't have to mean boring or dull. We need to inject a few pieces into our outfit that can absolutely change our "look", just like Kylie does. Wear a bold or contrasting colored-bag to an otherwise monotone outfit, pair a classy dress with black boots. Rules in fashion, as in everything, can be broken and there will always be exemptions. Just go with your gut-feel and if you're happy with it, nothing else matters.


Note: Photos aren't mine. Nicked them off my pinterest, where there's a source. :)


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