Hi Guys!

Welcome to Pinched!

I have been incorporating beauty/fashion/music/lifestyle topics in my other blog. However, I have decided to put up a separate blog for that hence Pinched! I am so in-love with make-up and I love to play different looks on me and I even freelance in my spare time. So do watch out for future blog posts about make-up...and a lot of it! :)

As a welcome post, I made a video on my Youtube account on a basic look I usually have or do when I go to work. If you follow me on my personal blog/account, you'd know that I do field work (Construction Site). So this basic look works best for me since I'm usually under the sweltering heat of Mr. Sun. Please please please forgive me for not including my narration/recording in this video since this is just a test video. I will be uploading more videos for the channel and will be using better lighting. ;) Hope you like the video! Let me know if you have any suggestions on what looks I should do next. For now, I promise I'll be filming a haul video in the coming days.

Thank you guys for visiting and watching!


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